The Ex Games #3- J S Cooper & Helen Cooper

What other secret is Brandon hiding?

Seven years ago, Katie Raymond made a mistake that cost her the love of her life. Now, Brandon Hastings is back in her life and it seems like he is determined to make her pay for her previous mistakes.

When Katie overhears a private conversation, she has no idea just how deep the secrets go. She gives, Brandon one last chance to prove his love to her, but when he violates her trust one last time, she doesn’t think she can ever forgive him.

But then, Brandon tells her the one thing that is guaranteed to turn her world upside down and she’s not sure if her life will ever be the same again.

Geezus how far will one man go to get the love of his life?

As the story unfolds and we find out all the secrets that Brandon kept from Katie i was kind of thinking what the hell does this woman see in this guy? he had her followed and photographed for years, got her best friend fired so Katie wouldnt leave his company, he owned the building Katie lived in the list goes on and on. But then on the other hand i think the question is, if you loved a man that would go to these lengths to be with you and show you how much he cared for you wouldnt you be drawn into his tangled web too?
Everything Brandon ever did was to get Katie back into his arms for seven years he plotted, a girl has got to be flattered after all that surely.

Katie still did come across as the once gullible eighteen year old she once was, she just seemed to give Brandon all the control, and turn into a puddle of mush whenever they were together.

The sex scenes were off the charts hot in this book, the whole bar scene bloody hell.

Onto Maria hated her right from the get go, twisted bitch she was unhinged, thought she’d hit the jackpot and bagged herself a rich man, when she realised it was all fake she tried to play Brandon at his own game with black mail, that all turned to shit when it didnt work leaving her to slither away like the snake she is.

The whole Denise thing was strange. Not quiet the secret i had expected, and im not sure i liked that twist up i dont think the story was any better for it, maybe a bit too far fetched.

So in the end Katie fell into Brandon’s arms, loving him like she always had and the whole Harry twist up was nice, i really liked that they all got there HEA i had a big smile on my face after reading this.
Overall i like these three books and im glad i read them back to back, it gave me a better view of the story.

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