Legal Affairs – Mitigation: #4- Sawyer Bennett

I’ve seen a new side to Matt Connover. He’s proven to me that there is something inside him other than icy control and masculine force.

I’ve seen care… tenderness… even protectiveness.
I’ve seen vulnerability.

But Matt Connover’s issues run deep. I know Cal hurt him greatly, and he keeps himself protected because of that. I also sense there is something more to his pain that even I cannot comprehend.

Matt is struggling between what he knows and what he wants.
I’m struggling with boundaries and how to protect my own fragile heart.

This time I’m drawing a line in the sand and Matt can either step over to join me, or these Legal Affairs are finished forever.

OMG these Legal Affair volumes are killing me i love every page and then i am left panting for more at the end. For such a small price these books pack a punch.

Matt and Mac’c relationship is developing, Mac has seen a different side to Matt and wants more, Matt is still struggling to give Mac more.

Matt fights his emotions in this story as he tries to decide whether the fear of rejection outweighs the fear of losing Mac. I liked seeing this side to Matt, it shows there is more to him than the arrogant ass that he has been in previous volumes.

There is so many emotions packed into this installment hurt, jealousy, anger, pain, tragedy, heartbreak and tenderness at times the tempers are high. You get pulled into every situation the characters are going through.

Another great intense and seductive installment in Sawyer Bennett’s new series. I eagerly await the next volume.

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