Deeper- Blue Ashcroft

Lifeguard Rain Wilson can’t afford to get distracted. After a horrible accident at her last park left her emotionally scarred, she’s determined to use her status as supervisor to keep everyone at her new water park safe.

Her co-supervisor Knight McAllister is the worst kind of distraction. Knight’s as gorgeous as he is stubborn, with electric blue eyes, a tall, muscled swimmer’s body, and the opinion that he doesn’t need a co-supervisor at all.

But as the season heats up, so does the temperature between the two head lifeguards. But as they find themselves drawn closer together, and their pasts start to surface, Rain and Knight are realizing that maybe too much broken can make a relationship impossible.

Then again, sometimes it’s the broken parts of us that fit together best.

Deeper is a sweet sexy heart felt romance that just leaves you warm inside.

Knight was a genuine, nice guy that had a deeper side to him, a relationship isnt all about getting into a girls pants to him. Knight was a true hero in my mind i loved his character right from the start. Knight has an inner-desire to protect people, especially those he cares about, his name is so fitting for him.

Rain is another great character, shes so very broken but she is strong, she doesnt cower away from anything. After a tragic accident Rain doesnt believe she deserves to have a life or love or happiness, so she dedicates her life to saving as many people as she can to make up for the life she couldnt save, she feels that its her penance, to right the wrong.

Knight and Rain have both experienced the death of someone close to them so at times it eats away at them and keeps them from giving in to the slowly building feelings they have for each other. The more time they spend with each other, the little touches and soul deep kisses eventually love catches up with them. They find solace in each other.
Knight and Rain are like magnets drawn to each other, the moon giving way to the sun, they are just meant to be.

This book is a great young adult romance that is written so well, it makes you feel every emotion, the characters are well developed the plot and story telling are just fantastic. I do love a duel POV book it just adds so much more to the book to get both side of the story.

This book is a good solid four starts for me its a great read to pass a few hours.

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