Love Me (Trust Series #2)- Kristin Mayer

Engaged and happily in love, Allison Scott and Damien Wales are looking forward to joining their lives together as one. Coming from a mournful year after losing her parents, Allison is ready to heal and move on to the next chapter with the love of her life.

But Damien’s past continues to threaten their future. A man once obsessed with Damien’s sister is now after his one and only love, Allison. The woman who came before Allison is determined to captivate Damien’s heart. And Damien’s best friend is somehow playing a part in it all.

One is a murderer, and Damien and Allison discover they can trust no one but each other. When Damien’s history endangers Allison’s life, their relationship is pushed to its limits, and they must determine if their love can overcome any obstacle or if circumstances will force them apart.

Holy mystery romance suspense batman!

This book starts just where the last book Trust me left off. The story was engaging and well- paced and kept me second guessing myself, just when i thought i had worked it out as to who the mad man was, another twist would occur and i would be left thinking WTH its not him.
I totally loved the fact that Kristin keeps you guessing and doesnt give the bad guy away till very near the end.

Love me is so much more than just a sweet love story, although there is lots of love story in there, this book has such a great depth that draws you into the story like no other.

Damien continues to be such a loving protective guy, who would go to the ends of the earth to make Alli happy.
Alii is still in the dream fairy tail relationship and is loving every second of it.

Then this book takes you through the reality of Damien’s dark past, their horrific present, and the unknown of the future! throw in a odd set of parents and a crazy ex that cannot take no for a answer, and a killer on the loose, your left wondering will Damien and Alli ever get there happy ever after.

This series so far has taken me on one hell of a ride, Mr Wales will make you swoon, Damien and Alli’s love story is one of the greats, and Sam Alli’s best friend will make you laugh with her one liners.

Sam’s story is next and i so want to know her secret, i cannot wait for her book!
If you havent read this series yet i highly recommend that you do!

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