Climax- Sexxa Kohl

If you’d asked me what I thought I’d be doing at twenty-two, it certainly wouldn’t be taking my clothes off for complete strangers. The world sees me as a whore and a worthless piece of trash. No one would ever believe that I am still a virgin, waiting to find love. I think I can easily say that I don’t think love is ever going to be finding me at Club Climax.
I give the crowd what they want. For the next three and a half minutes, I dance, undress, shake my ass, and slide up and down the metal pole, in front of me I am in complete control while I am up here on this stage. The dancers make the rules at this place. That is except for the room in the far back, known as Ultimate Climax. It is the one place where all power is surrendered; the one place in this club that I said I’d never go, no matter how desperate I got. The price is just too high for me, and I refuse to sell myself to the highest bidder. I cannot afford to lose the only thing I have left… My control.
But sometimes, the day comes when we have to do the things that we said we would never do. For me, that day is here.
I take a deep breath, grab the door handle, and know that once I walk through that door, my whole life will forever change.
Little did I know just how much it actually would.

This book is hot, sexy and dirty and i loved it!
It had me hooked straight away, and I was drawn into the story until the very last page.

Blaire is bustin’ her ass to try and raise the money to care for her mum, Blaire will do anything to save her mom shitty job included but it just not enough, she has to go to extreme measures to help her mom.
Blaire is a great character who is very likable.

Jaxxon is sexy as hell and a little twisted, he has a dark sexual need where his demon comes out to play.
This is not a gentle flowery romance, its dark and dirty in the best kind of way, the writing is so very good and it flows so well your able to just escape into the book for a few hours.

The chemistry between Jaxxon and Blaire is off the charts hot, Blaire seems to feed from the same dark need Jaxxon has so they fit together and the sparks fly. Even though the sex is on the darker side there is a sensuality to it, the connection between Jaxxon and Blaire is beautiful. They complete each and accept each on every level, they are two sides of the same coin.

This book is told from both Jaxxon and Blaire’s POV, which i like as you get a extra dimension to the story from both sides.

Overall i loved this book so i give it a well deserved 4 stars, a good piece of erotica.

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