Faster Deeper (Take Me…#2)- Colleen Masters

Fast Cars.

Beautiful Women.

Sexy Drivers.

Pain, Lies, Deceit, Tears, Violence, Anger, Blackmail, Passion, Love, Lust…


Siena wants Harrison, needs him, more than anything in the world, but she’s falling in love with a man she can’t have–Not without losing everything and everyone she’s ever loved.

Harrison’s set his sights on Siena and nothing can stand in his way–He’s going to get her, or die trying.

As Siena and Harrison’s story continues things around them seem to be falling apart somewhat as they carry on with there secret relationship.

The mystery deepens when they can’t figure who is taking the pictures of them. While Siena struggles with herself as to when would be the best time to tell her family about the relationship with Harrison.

Then things turn to shit when Enzo seems to go off the rails bat shit crazy before a race. Siena works out the reason for his rage and her fear for Enzo and Harrison practically floors her.

This book keeps you on the edge, will they both finish the race safely, who is taking the pictures, who is behind the black mail, can they survive the secrets?????

I kind of have suspicions of who the culprit is part way through this book and i hate that i maybe have worked out who is behind all the troubles so early on, but it has still been a great read.

Then Siena and Enzo’s dad drops the biggest news ever to add to the mix makes for great reading!

This is just as good as the first and another cliff hanger, just makes me want the next one. Cannot wait to read the next book in this series, gripping stuff.

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