Faster Harder (Take Me… #1)- Colleen Masters

How does a responsible, intelligent, career-driven girl find herself half-naked and hooking up with a bad boy Formula One driver in a Barcelona night club bathroom?

Siena Lazio is a lot of things…but reckless isn’t one of them.

She’s only in her mid-twenties and already Team Ferrelli’s Director of Public Relations and heiress to the top Formula One racing team. The esteemed daughter of Alfonso Lazio, the greatest driver F1 has ever seen, Siena seems to have it all figured out. All she has to do is uphold her family’s honor and ensure her brother Enzo’s public image is pristine while he rises to fame and clenches the title as Formula One’s new champion.

Everything is perfect…

…Until she’s swept mercilessly off her feet by the one man she can never be with. The one man who can fuck it all up.

Harrison Davies is Team McClain’s secret weapon and he’s the only driver who threatens to steal the championship from Enzo. The tattooed British bad boy knows how to get what he wants. And always gets what he wants.

Harrison and Siena fall deeper and deeper with each secret tryst. Passion flares, reality fades, and the lines between right and wrong begin to blur. Driven by lust and ambition the couple delves into a world of treachery, deceit, lies, and ultimate betrayal. Is Siena ready to place her fragile heart into the hands of a speed demon and will the thrill of falling for him be worth it when they wreck?

I actually loved this book its a quick read but it sure does pack a punch, there is a lot of story crammed into a short space.

The excitement of the F1 season throughout this book is full of suspense and action, there is a secret love affair between the Formula 1 princess and rookie bad boy.

I liked both Harrison and Siena they are well matched characters, and there secret love is a nice piece of tension filled romance.

Gripping bit of writing, but a sucky cliffhanger glad that i could download the next book to continue the story, cannot wait for more from this couple.

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