Faster Longer (Take Me…#3)- Colleen Masters

Two star crossed lovers racing together at breakneck speeds, barreling along at 200 miles per hour willing to destroy everything and everyone in their path.

Siena can’t escape.

She’s trapped now.

How did she fall so helplessly, recklessly in love with the one man who could single handedly turn her life upside down?

Harrison has her wrapped up in his strong, muscular, tattooed arms. Right where he wants her. Right where she wants to be.

Even as the championship is decided and fate comes crashing down around them—betrayal, blackmail, death…all seem like nothing compared to Siena’s ultimate secret.

This is such a good third book this story has had me gripped all weekend im flying through these books, ive read three in two days!

I am kind off pissed that the author gave us these brilliantly talented characters but then made them so dumb that they didnt figure out who the black mailer guy was ?!?!?! i figured it out in the last book.
That being said i still did like this book that was just a niggle i had. I still love the tatted, beautiful, hot, race driver that is Harrison. Harrison is such a sweetie behind his bad boy racer front and the relationship between him and Siena is so lovely.

I did like how the characters found out who was behind it all and how Siena turned the tables on the guy, played by his own game.

Ther are some Hot steamy sex scenes as in previous books.
Just when things are finally over for the season and Siena can start her future with Harrison, a bomb of a different kind is dropped, and we are left with another cliffhanger!!.

Loving this racer series.

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