Ace of Spades- Elle Bright

The stakes are high and the cards are about to fall…

Reckless, bad boy rocker Jackson “Black Jack” Blackner has everything a man could want, yet he hides from the pain of his past behind sex and drugs. Lost in a downward spiral, he reaches out to the only person who ever truly cared about him, the childhood friend he pushed away.

Promising businesswoman Melody Davis follows all the rules. Until Jackson crashes back into her life and turns her straight-laced world upside down. Dragged into his world of self-destructive indulgence, Melody must fight to save the boy she knew from the man he has become.

This is one awesome shortish read, the characters are very well developed and the plot really draws you in from start to finish.

I loved how we start off in the story where Mel and Jackson are young, there first encounters together and we follow the friendship they build together.
Then we get the moment where the friends are separated because of terrible circumstances, then the moment that brings them together again after a long 8 year separation.

Jackson is living the true stereotypical bad boy rocker life style, the destroying hotel property, the drugs, the women, when he and Melody meet again. Melody can no longer see the boy who was her best friend, the boy she loved.

As the story unfolds Mel sees the kind hearted boy she grew up with return to her in small increments. Jackson sees the girl he has always loved but pushed away.
Even though Jackson has this bad boy exterior the sex scenes are tender and romantic, i liked that about there relationship, after all this is the girl her grew up with and fell in love with when he was a child i felt it was nice that he didnt treat Mel like the other hook ups he usually has.

The secondary characters are really good the back the story well and keep the plot flowing.
Over all another fantastic book from the wonderful Elle Bright i love this author so much.

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