Ash to Steele- Karen-Anne Stewert


Who I am and all I believe is marred with just one glance into angry, steel blue eyes. He seems to control my air, my ability to breathe. He makes me crave everything I know is a sin. Pure becomes tainted and lines are blurred. It’s my fault; I’m the one who isn’t strong enough. I’ve been damaged…broken. Breck’s words haunt me…’There’s a consequence for every choice you make.’


I’ve had so many women I can’t even remember over half of their names, but none of them are mine; I make damn sure of that. I take what I desire and never look back. I don’t need or want anyone, ever…not until I met Emma. Those eyes bore into what’s left of my soul and her touch sears me, weakens me. I want to hate her for that. She is my ruin…my sweetest hell.

I loved this book, the preachers daughter and the bad ass ex street fighter bloody awesome!

Emma moves to Boston to follow her dream of being a artist needing to get away from the small town that she felt trapped in. Little did she know that a glance from the hot and sensual Breck would change her life forever. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife with this pair with just a look.

One of the first things Breck says to Emma would give anyone the goose bumps of a life time but also kick start the whole i dont want him but i really do situation, he says
“I will be inside of you, Emma, doing all sorts of forbidden things that you have never even heard of, and you will be the one begging me to… You just don’t know it yet”. (Gives me the Shivers)

Breck is the most bad ass character that i have read about in a long time. Hes the broody type you know has a dark past and a definite man-whore!. He is bone deep darkness that you just want to see dragged into the light.
The hate at first sight love / hate relationship that follows this couple keeps you hanging on the edge with nail biting tension keeps you gripped to the end.

I loved every minute of this book, it was so different. Emma is a real life girl that you can relate to easily. the secondary characters are brilliant and there circle of friendship is awesome, Jason, Jess and Gavin im hoping the rest of the characters get their own story, as they all have a past that you want to know what happened to each of them.

Breck for all him dark bad boyness i so fell in love with him.

This is the first book i have read from Karen-Anne Stewert but i will be looking for more books from her to add to my shelf. I loved her writing style, she leaves you wanting more.

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