Ruby Rose- Alta Hensley

The word ‘alpha’ sends a shiver through every woman’s body. The taboo of BDSM conquers her fantasy. The desire is growing…

Ruby Rose wants to write an article on the belief of Domestic Discipline and its growing popularity. In order to do it well, and come across as genuine, she decides she must immerse herself in the lifestyle. She starts working as a bartender at a trendy BDSM club in hopes of compiling all the research she needs. But everything changes the minute Evan Steel walks through the door.

Evan Steel represents this life. He lives this life. He is this life. Evan is the man with all the answers, and due to a budding relationship, Ruby has the walking fantasy right at her fingertips.

But what Ruby soon discovers is that Evan Steel may very well be more than just a fantasy.

I did like the story of this book and the characters were likeable, it was a easy read and the writing flowed nicely. If that is all your looking for great. From a writing perspective, Ms. Hensley pens a good erotic romance with a happily ever after.
BUT the book is supposed to be about domestic discipline and spanking, there were only two instances of this in the whole book.
Evan was supposed to be this dominant guy that wants to live the DD lifestyle but the story focused more around Evan and his entourage and the fact that dominating males are treated as rock stars and paid to show up to clubs.
I hated the fact that you knew what was going to break the couple up before they got there HEA nearly at the start of the book you were just waiting for it the whole time.

If your looking for a sweet romantic read with a introduction to how domestic discipline works, with some small peeks into the diverse kinky world, this is a great read.

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