Hold Me Tight (Greenpoint Artists #1)-Talia Quinn


Alanna thought she’d never see Miles again. He was her first lover. The boy who broke her heart. But now he’s the creative director at a high-profile ad agency and she’s an impoverished artist. She needs the job he offers her.

Miles thinks he’s gotten over Alanna. Brash, reckless, vivid Alanna. It’s been eleven years, after all. When he hires her, he swears to himself that he’ll keep away. For his own sake, and for the job: the office has a strict no-fraternizing policy.

Once they start working together, they’re drawn to each other, tormented by what they can’t have.

And then one sultry summer evening, a citywide blackout gives them an unexpected opportunity.

Tonight, in the dark, they can both pretend she’s someone else. Tonight they can be together. A second chance at love, but a risky one.

I love a story of forbidden love and this book kept me captivated from the very first page.

The characters were really well developed and had good chemistry and relationships within the book.

Hold me tight is a easy read that flows well. While I don’t think this book is going to win any great awards or stay with you for days while you mull over the story it was a fun bit of escapism.

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