Jayde (Behind the Words) -Savannah Stewert

For months now Jayde Kimberland has been touring from city to city with her best friend, Arianna Moore, as The Daughters of Darkness. Living the dream most musician would kill for, they were known as the opening act for the platinum selling rock group, From Yesterday.

With Arianna battling demons of her own, Jayde found what she thought was her Prince Charming within rocker bad boy, Cash O’Brien. As the tour came to a close, the distance between them pulled like the tuning key turning to tighten one of their guitar strings. When Nate Daniels walks back into the picture, she’s faced with the possibility of having the life with the man she loved years ago or trying to hold onto a reckless Cash.

Everywhere Jayde turns she is hit with a curve ball, shattering everything she tries to build. But one person is there to help pick up the pieces no matter what. But as tragedy reveals its ugly head, she finds herself lost, lonely, and confused on what the future may hold. Will she be able to let go of the past and find happiness within her future or will she have to forever deal with the shattering effects of a love long gone?

I loved the first book in the behind the words series but this one blew me away with how emotional it was, I cried like a baby in parts, the prologue for one.

I don’t want to give away spoilers, so I won’t go into huge details of the story.

Jayde has to make some huge decisions in this book and those decisions haunt her throughout the story, there are twist and turns and plot bombs you never expect but the story unfolds into a beautiful ending. This book grips your heart until the very end.

Nate is such a good kind selfless guy, he is good to Jayde but there was alway the thought in the back of my mind that even though Cash made a douche bag move he was the one Jayde should be with.

This book will take you on emotional roller coaster that will have you hooked from the start. It’s a definite must read.
Each book so far in this series can be read as a stand alone but you do get more of a feel for the characters if you read Arianna first.

I cannot wait for more in the behind the words series, I love this group of people.

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