Desire-Missy Johnson

I’m a sex worker.

A prostitute. A whore.

Whatever you want to call me, the result is still the same. I sleep with men and I get paid for it. I don’t make excuses for what I do.

Then I learn how fragile life can be; how in an instant, everything can change. My mother disappears and I’m left to care for my two estranged siblings. I can barely manage to look after myself.

How am I supposed to look after a hormonal fifteen year old and a five year old who has no idea who I am?

I just want my old, uncomplicated life back.

Especially when He shows up.

He’s investigating my mothers disappearance, but I can see that it’s more than that for him.He thinks he can help me. He thinks he can fix me.

Only how can he fix something so broken?

I did find this short novella to be a good read with some nice plot and great characters.

I love Missy Johnson’s writing but I did feel that there could have been a little more from this book, it felt we were just skimming by the story at times.

Saying that I did like the relationship the developed between Devon and Kait. I felt like this story finished there chapter though so I’m not sure if I will read the next book to find out more from this pair, but maybe it will be about Ara and her Marine boyfriend.

If you want a good quick interesting read then this will pass the time on, but it’s not my favourite of Missy’s books.

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