The Billionaire-Jordan Silver

When billionaire Gideon Thorpe sees the young beauty across the way, he’s instantly struck by her beauty. A man accustomed to having whatever his heart desires, he’s a little cautious as she seems rather young. When he can’t get her out of his mind he sets his team of investigators on her tail to find out all there is to know about the girl who has fast become an obsession. As things unfold Gideon realizes that though he might have to wait to take her he can’t leave her in the situation he’s found her in. When things become too dangerous he takes her away to his home and to keep her safe marries her in a secret ceremony.
But someone from his past is not too pleased when news of the nuptials spread and danger follows the new bride around.
Now the hard nosed billionaire finds himself not only having to protect his wife from an ex who’s out to destroy but also from the secrets that shroud her life. Will his love and protection be enough to keep her safe from the powerful men who seek her for their own sinister needs?

This is a book that explores a relationship between and older an powerful man who is 26 and a young naive woman who is 17.
I guess this book won’t be for everyone because of the age difference between the lead characters.

It kind of makes you want to lift your brows, and think do I want to keep reading! That being said they are both legal aged.

Nearly all this book is told from Gideon’s POV which I usually like to get inside the guys mind in a story, but i did want to hear from Ashley, she has been through so much in her short life but we don’t get much insight from her at all, she just comes across as this doll that Gideon protects and plays with now and again.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this story while reading, I mean this girl has been put through the wringer, her father is a complete ass and she’s so down trodden and in need of a white knight. Gideon really steps up to the plate for her, he has watched from afar feeling the unmistakable pull towards her innocent beauty, keeping tabs on her but staying on the outskirts of her life because she is so young.

Ashely is a virgin but when her and Gideon actually have sex she seems to turn into a sex fuelled nymph, which just seemed odd for a 17 year old kid hats been kept away from normal teenage life and boys in general. She knew exactly how to please Gideon and a natural talent for giving head it seems.

As the story developed things really started to get to me, I think the fact that Gideon called Ashley, Blossom for 95% of the book instead of her name, then the fact he called her his little girl, ick we already know she’s young stop giving it the creepy factor by calling her your little girl!

I did read to the end but I’m still not sure if I liked it or not I’m on the fence on this one, I think I will just chalk it up as an experience and move on.

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