Beautifully Forgotten (Beautifully Damaged #2)-L A Fiore

Successful restaurateur Lucien Black’s blue-green eyes and unattainable attitude drive women wild. But his abandonment issues and criminal past have left him emotionally closed off. When a familiar face shows up for a job interview at his nightclub, the ache he has tried to forget tears at his heart—it’s the girl who once healed him…and then abandoned him.

Darcy MacBride still remembers Lucien’s delicate touch when they were both wildly in love teenagers. His gorgeous eyes had soothed her hurt after she’d been dumped off at the orphanage where Lucien lived. Darcy felt his jagged edges fit perfectly into her own, and she’d planned to spend the rest of her life with him—until a mysterious man warned her away. Now, fourteen years later, she’s ready to endure the torture of Lucien’s indifference and having him as her boss…just to be near him. But when it seems that they might finally take up where they left off, a devastating secret buried in their past threatens to tear them apart again.

L.A. Fiore’s story of smoldering love recaptures the tormented romance of Beautifully Damaged.

L A Fiore blew me away with the first book in this series and this book did not disappoint I loved it.

When I started reading this book, it felt like I had lots of silk threads blowing about in the wind, with all the different aspects of the story, then as the story started to weave the threads together you end up with such a fantastically beautiful tapestry of a love story.

I loved Lucian and Darcey as characters and how there lives crashed back together they were a love story meant to be for sure.
There are some great hot and steamy moments were the chemistry is off the charts.

L A Fiore writes such beautiful descriptive stories that take you away, they make you feel like your part of the characters lives like your living the drama right along with them.
It was great to follow on with more of Ember and Trace’s story too.
Another winner from a great author.

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