Until Alex- J Nathan

On the outside, Hayden is every girl’s living breathing fantasy, brooding and devastatingly gorgeous. And while he spends his nights losing himself in alcohol and faceless girls, it’s all just a facade. An elaborate cover for the emotionless shell of a man he is. One who harbors too many secrets and destroys lives the way his was destroyed. It’s the reason he avoids relationships and keeps everyone at arm’s length…

Until Alex

Alex’s life just shattered into a million pieces, leaving her with more grief than she knows what to do with and guilt so deep it’s destroyed the carefree girl she once was. Now she’s hundreds of miles from home, living with an aunt she doesn’t know, finishing senior year at a college she’s never been to, and trying desperately to get through a single day without breaking down. She’s never felt more alone in her life…

Until Hayden

The trouble with Hayden is who he wants to be and who he is are in constant flux. And though he’d die before letting Alex learn the truth about him, he can’t be sure he’s strong enough to let her in…or push her away. She’s the one person who just might see the real him.

Until Alex is an incredibly emotional and angsty book with endearingly broken characters. This is a heartbreaking and heart-melting love story with such fantastic writing that pulls you into the story. You. Need. To. Read. This. Book.

I cannot believe that this is a debut novel, J. Nathan has given us a story that is set amongst the ruins of past tragedy for Hayden and recent tragedy for Alex. The pain that is woven through these characters live is so palpable you can almost touch it. You could feel each and every emotion that each character was feeling.
Hayden and Alex are so very different but they have such a connection and steamy attraction, with a building love that they couldn’t deny. They heal each other and find that they are both worthy of love. This is a fantastic journey to follow and a gripping read.
Both Hayden and Alex have suffered endless guilt along with immense loss, but they have a huge capacity to love.
I liked that the story was told in alternating POV it gave a better meaning to the story to get both sides of the feelings each character had.

The writing was beautiful and I felt so connected to the hero & heroine and really liked this book would recommend it.

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