Take Down (Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans #3)-Mallery Malone

Powerful. Dominant, Unforgettable. He demands submission at all costs.
Cage fighter, Gabriel Devereaux, a man of barely leashed power, is known as the Bayou Beast.
There is one woman he will do anything , pay any amount to possess.
Karina Armistead, has come a long way from the innocent girl Gabriel used to know. An internationally known singer, she can have anything she wants. But everything tells her that getting involved with the Bayou Beast may leave her wrecked beyond repair.
Little does Karina Armistead know, but Gabriel has decided that she will be his.
He will destroy anything or anyone who stands in his way.
Although this is the third book in this series it can be read as a stand alone.

I love a good book about second chance love and Take down didn’t disappoint. This is a long lost teenage love, and it was such a great quick read that took me away for a few hours.

Gabriel is amazingly hot and he made me cry on more than one occasion, the hurt and pain he went through as a young adult, why are some people so cruel?
But I guess that made him the strong fighter he ended up being.

Karina was just as much a victim of her fathers actions as Gabriel was.
I just love both Gabriel and Karina. The chemistry between the two was on the money, I’m so glad they got there second chance at love and were able to forgive each other.

This is a good little read and now I have read it I will be looking for the other two previous books in this series.

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