The Replacement Guitarist (#1),Home for the Holidays (#2), Into The Fire (#3), Encore (#4)

Replacement Guitarist.

Blaze Shinozuka has two goals: get a job as a guitarist and lose his virginity. At an audition for a famous pop star, he draws the attention of celebrity manager Jason Stockton—and their instant attraction sends his world careening off its axis just as he is thrust into the gritty world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Straight-laced music manager Jason Stockton is always professional and never dips his pen in the company ink. But there is something about Blaze that leaves him wanting what he shouldn’t. The guitarist’s exotic beauty and compelling innocence is a temptation Jason can’t resist.

After one lie in the national media pushes them apart, Blaze must decide whether he will trust Jason, a man he shouldn’t touch, let alone love. The cutthroat, jealous world of rock ‘n’ roll, has chewed up and spit out the toughest musicians, and Blaze vows he will be the last man standing, even after the music stops.

This gay romance contains very frequent love scenes, drug use and a very angry pop star dead set on coming between two men who will stop at nothing to be together.

Home for the holidays.

Jason Stockton and Blaze Shinozuka are looking forward to escaping their hectic rock and roll lifestyle for a relaxing holiday. Their plan seems promising, and the passion between them burns hotter than ever as they keep each other warm despite the icy temperatures.

When a surprise Stockton family get-together threatens to reveal what Jason would rather keep hidden, their budding relationship is put to the test and an impromptu trip to Hawaii makes the differences between them more obvious than ever.

Thanks to two chaotic family holidays and a lot of painful secrets, Christmas could end up being more than their new found love can endure.

And *NEW* The Journey Onward…

Getting back from paradise and being alone is exactly what Jason and Blaze need to build their relationship and break down the barriers between them but nothing is ever that simple. Being in LA means back to work for Jason and Blaze gets a sample of what life will be like as Jason’s partner.

Can loving each other be enough to keep them together? Blaze is finding out how much work goes into keeping a relationship alive and in their darkest hour, they will have to stand united as partners to weather a storm that could devastate their future.

Into the fire.

When Blaze got his dream job, he never imagined within a year he would be fired. After a botched performance with Cassie, he’s kicked off the tour — and so is his boyfriend Jason — but Blaze is determined to live his dream again and he may have found the perfect band to do it with.

He will stop at nothing to be back on stage, though the costs of stardom may bring an end to his romance with Jason. Can Blaze have it all? Or will Blaze have to leave his first love behind to follow his destiny?


Blaze Shinozuka is a bonafide rockstar with his band, Razor’s Edge. After his romance with music manager Jason Stockton crashed and burned, Blaze is free to live and love. It’s been a wild and heady year that’s been blissfully drama free until the one man he’s been avoiding comes careening back in to wreak havoc on his heart once again.

Jason Stockton has become the superstar he never wanted to be. When his music reality show becomes an overnight success, he’s thrust into the limelight against his will. He’s coping with intrusions into his private life but then a chance encounter sends him right into the arms of the man he loved…and lost.

Their time apart has changed them, except the passion between them burns brighter than ever. With the media hounding them in the midst of multiple scandals, they find they can only depend on one person — each other. Will they learn to trust that their love is enough to see them through it all? Or will this be their final dance before calling it quits, this time for good?

Ok so I have decided to put all the reviews for this series one on page because I loved all four books and think they should stay together.

Review for Replacement Guitarist.

Let me start with the replacement guitarist where we meet Blaze and Jason. both men are sexy and very easy to like. The storyline moved along quite quickly and smoothly, it drew you into there crazy world, into there relationship. liked the idea that the story wasn’t focused on the lead singer or another major band member, but the guitarist.

This book gives us a great start to the series and has you thinking, will they be able to weather the storms in the rock world, what issues will come up for them.

I also liked the fact that Blaze was a highly skilled guitarist, but less skilled in life and relationships, I liked that he started off being innocent and inexperienced. He was like a fish out of water thrown straight into the deep end, touring with the latest pop sensation. And the undeniable attraction he has to Jason just throws him off that little bit more.

Jason is conflicted by what he wants and what he thinks he should stay away from. He wants Blaze instantly but he is working with him on the tour so he should stay away from Blaze.
I must say the start of this relationship for the most part is lust and sex, lots of quickies in between rehearsals and meetings, but you can see the relationship forming.
The sex between Blaze and Jason was completely off the charts amazing! It was written extremely well, it wasn’t overplayed like in some books.
I loved the beginning of this series.

Review for Home for the holidays.

I was eager to dive right into The Replacement Guitarist sequel to see where the story went next for Blaze and Jason. This book picked up right where the replacement guitarist ended and jumped right into the stress of the holidays with the family.

This book takes us over the bumps in the road for Blaze and Jason as they navigate there own way through there building relationship, but then throw family and coming out into the mix plus the holidays which always seem to make family crazy!

Jason’s family decides they’re going to spend Christmas together and they’re going to do it at Jason’s house. Blaze feels like an outsider when Jason start to shut him out emotionally with no explanation of what upsets him so deeply about his family’s visit. Blaze has feeling that he and Jason are from such different worlds, Jason is all Hollywood and Blaze is a humble island boy.
The growing rift between Jason and Blaze continues as the men visit Blaze’s family, Blaze worries about his parent’s reaction to him being gay and having to tell his beloved Gran about Jason and there relationship.

Blaze and Jason have lots to test there relationship in this book and at times they seem to be hanging by a thread. They love each other but is it enough. Everything is so tentative and new, but they seem to pull it all together in the bedroom.
But a relationship is so much more than sex they need to get used to trusting in each other’s love.
Another brilliant glimpse into Jason and Blaze’s love story.

Review for Into the fire.

God why can’t things be simple for this couple! I know why because it makes for much better reading, lol. I have lost over a day so far reading this series I cannot stop I’m like a Jason and Blaze junkie right now.

Life is never easy for Blaze and Jason. After they are both fired, life is suddenly not so simple. Together they are very happy in their relationship, but Blaze is not happy that they are still hiding in the closet about there relationship. Jason believes that Blaze’s career will be ruined if they come out. Blaze no longer wants to hide.

I really want these two guys to stand on the roof tops and shout out how much they love each other!
They are a perfect couple behind closed doors, but then the problems and tension start as they hide what they have together.
Let me just out it out there right now, I actually hate Cassie she is a nasty character and I want to shack her so bad.

This story brought a whole new understanding about the turbulence Blaze and Jason’s relationship would bring to each of them.
Into The Fire had a ton of heat, and really seems to pull the previous two books together.
I am broken hearted at the turn of events the pain and shock, damn Tori are you trying to kill me!

I am loving this series.

Review for Encore.

This has been such an amazing love story that has had me immersed for two days. All four books have held me hostage for two day have me stay up until 3am to finish Encore because I had to know how Jason and Blazes story finished!

Encore takes place a year after into the fire, and we get to meet the more confident Blaze, no longer is he the innocent unsure guy he was before. That in itself I feel is good for the new building relationship for Blaze and Jason.
Blaze no longer shy’s away from the hard issues that come up he goes after what he wants and doesn’t give up until he gets it.

when Blaze finally does see jason again, he is still very angry but so full of hope and love for him.
Jason seems to keep crushing Blaze’s heart. Not because he wants to but because he hasn’t truly accepted who he and what he thinks hollywood wants and it’s expectations.
Jason feels that he doesn’t deserve Blaze, but he needed Blaze and is afraid.
Jason loves Blaze but is scared so he pushed him away, and keeps pushing until it is almost to late.

There are so many misunderstandings and heartaches for these two. But they console each other and love each other even when it hurt.
I’m not sure it was essential to the story to bring Derek back it didn’t give anything to the story, but that’s just my opinion.

The love these two have for each other pours off the pages. This is Such a wonderfully written and emotionally charged story.
The whole time your reading you just want them to be together.
This is one of the best series I have read in a long time I highly recommend it.

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