Kasen Reed was a lonely guy with hardly any friends. Sheltered by his domineering, cynical mother, he never gained much of a social status and he’s never known true affection. At the age of 19, he finally moves out to start his own life and he has no idea where he’s going from here.

Rowan Kelly moved to the tiny town of Chartreuse, Alabama in hopes of starting anew. After a messy breakup that lingers over his head, and his heart, he believes he’s finally found the perfect place to open his clinic and do what he loves best; helping animals. Despite how picture perfect the quaint little town seems, the 26 year old feels like something is missing…..

Two lonesome hearts will have a chance encounter in a town that doesn’t seem to be ready for the acceptance of love equality, but will it stop them from being together?

So this book is about Two gay men in a small minded american town, you can already anticipate the eye rolls and disapproving looks along with some really awful treatment of the two main characters.

I did like the characters and the slow burn romance that developed between Rowan and Kasen, I loved that Rowan was able to show Kasen more about life and that there was more outside his small town and the small minded people inside it.
But I found the book to be really stiff and the dialogue almost too formal which by the end got on my nerves some what.
The plot had some nice twists to it to keep you interested, i found this was good but not a great read for me.

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