A Beautiful Purpose (Beautiful #6)- Alicia Rae

Book Six in The Beautiful Series or Standalone

All Blake Johnson knows is the life of a Marine. After serving his country for eight years, he returns to his family for some rest and rehabilitation. Fighting an internal war, he battles the debate of extending his time in the military to keep serving alongside his brothers and sisters or transitioning back to civilian life and finding a new purpose.

From the moment Audrey Hampton walks into his life, he is drawn to her. Her beauty leaves him breathless and weak in the knees. She kindles a spark of hope deep within his soul, igniting a part of himself he feared was missing. Her never-ending compassion for others opens his heart in a way he never dreamed.

But Audrey is hiding wounds of her own. Returning to Lake Tahoe to care for her ill mother triggers painful childhood memories of her parents’ loveless marriage, reminding her there is no such thing as true love.

Will Blake’s resolve be powerful enough to open Audrey’s sealed heart? Or will Audrey fear the past and risk losing the man who could give her a new found reason to love?

Can two wounded souls become one?


I found this book to be a beautiful sweet read with such a feel good ending it left me with a smile.
A beautiful purpose is a book that absolutely pulled at my heartstrings, it felt like an emotional roller coaster that had me sad, angry, and so loved up i didnt want it to finish.

All the characters are so well written, they could have been friends, real down to earth characters.
Audrey’s parents really had my hackles up for most of the book, im mean really how could they treat her like that, but i guess they did redeem themselves in the end with a little nudge from Blake.

Blake is such a beautiful man, he is a male lead that will steal your heart for sure.
Audrey is a sweet girl with plenty of love to give, even though she hasnt really been shown any for her whole life.
When Blake and Audrey start to interact, they fit together perfectly, they are a really lovey couple, so Audrey’s constant inner dialogue with her falling back on the there’s no such thing as true love, was just a little repetitive. Which i did find so frustrating and did wear on me, at times i just wanted to scream at her to get over it!.

Over all this was a nice easy read and a lovely way to pass a few hour and escape into the sweet world of Audrey and Blake’s love story.

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