Brody: The Bang Shift Series-Mandy Harbin

Brody “Brutus” Jackson isn’t your average small-town mechanic. The shop where he spends his days doubles as the headquarters for the mercenary group he works with. They jokingly call themselves the Bang Shift because the government contracts they take are the less savory ones, and they’re all just shady enough to do what’s necessary to get the jobs done. As far as Brody’s concerned, it’s the perfect arrangement for a man with no memory of his past, and no hope for the future.

Under FBI protection, Alexandria Collins and her son have been in hiding for ten years. When it’s time to move again, her piece of crap car breaks down and the man giving her a tow is the biggest, hottest guy she’s ever seen. She is determined to ignore the need her long-neglected body hungers for. After all, the last man she showed interest in put a gun to her head.

Brody thinks the skittish Xan is sexy as hell, but it’s not her hot body that has him rocked to his core. He knows her from somewhere, and in his line of work, that’s a dangerous thing. Following orders have never been this hard, but when he finds out she’s his next assignment, he will protect her at all costs … even if what she needs protection from most is him.


This is my first book by this author but it will not be my last, her writing is captivating.
I love a good romance with a bit of suspense and intrigue and this book has it in buckets, i was hooked and drawn into the drama from the very first page.
This book was glued to my hand until the very last page.

Xan is our heroine and what a character she is, she has been in a really violent abusive relationship since she was 16 years old, put into witness protection for the past ten years, basically she has been on the run with her 16 year old son always watching her back moving from place to place.
But dont let all that make you think she is a down trodden character, she has a fire in her belly to be more, to work harder, to take care of her son to the best of her ability, she is feisty with a dash of vulnerability thrown in making for a great character.

Brody “Brutus” Jackson is the hero in this book and damn what a hero he is. Hes surly, grumpy, hugely protective, loyal, built like a truck and hot as hell, a Viking god with a body that will melt the panties right off you!
Brody has a instant attraction to Xan, but he tries to stay away from her since he has his own secrets, but then so does Xan. The more Brody tries to stay away from Xan, the more he craves her. So let the sparks begin to fly.

This couple smolder to the point of combustion which makes the reading of this book so very good, you just fly through the greatness of the plot and story. I fell in love with this couple right off and the twist the author threw in about there past interminggling, beautifully brilliant! I love the thought of Brody loving Xan from afar for so many years, then falling for her for a second time when they meet again.
The suspense and intrigue that weaves it way through the plot is gripping and there are twists you never see it coming, fantastic.
This is a must read in my opinion, i cannot wait for more in this series.

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