Conflagration (The Wellingtons #2)- Tessa Teevan

Branson Wellington? The name, my name, is usually followed by f*cking prick or self-serving bastard, and I can’t say I haven’t earned those titles. It’s true. I’m not the good guy. I’m not the boy next door. I’m definitely not your Prince f*cking Charming. Not even close.

And I never wanted to be. Until her. The day I pulled her from the wreckage was the day that my life changed.

Who would have thought that one little lie had the power to throw two lives so off course?

Love has never been in the cards for me, but now that she’s here, I have no idea how I’m ever going to let her go. Even if I don’t deserve her.

Because like I said, I’m a self-serving bastard and some things never change.

**While this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone novel.


While i love Cohan Wellington, Branson is one of those guys who is a total ass but you love him anyway! He has won my heart.
I met Branson Wellington in Combust and honestly I thought he was a pretty big douche. I mean he stole his brother’s girlfriend and then married her, and followed that asshole move by turning into a self-centered drunk. So yeah, needless to say I wasn’t a big Branson fan at all.
This book changed all that for me and Branson has won my heart. He is dominating, but he is loving, funny, and protective.

Ari is a fantastic female lead she knows she is worth more than to be someones trophy wife, it was refreshing for a female lead to not to be a door mat. I enjoyed her sass and her bravery.

The prologue blew me away literally, i mean holy hell what a way to start a story.

Ari and Branson’s story filled me with such a warm feeling, there is no insta love it builds so beautifully. I love the bond all the Wellington family have, they are so tight knit even after a event tore them wide open.

Excellent book and a fantastic story to add to the Wellington’s series. Tessa Teevan is quickly becoming a go too author for me.

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