Teach Me- Sloan Johnson

Two words stripped Austin Pritchard of the privileged life he’s used to. The moment he uttered the words, “I’m gay,” he realized there is no such thing as unconditional love. Now, he’s gone from traveling the world with his family to living on the streets trying to figure out how he’s going to stay in school.

A chance opportunity changes everything. Austin impresses the foreman and lands a job, but even more, he catches the eye of David Becker, who is determined to teach him that true love doesn’t come with strings.

The only thing David had as a child was love. His family struggled to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. That has driven him to stay focused on his goals; become a tenured professor at a university and save enough money to build a home of his own. It’s not until he sees an insecure college student working on his new house that he realizes that he hasn’t planned on someone to share his life with. He’s about to learn that everything he’s already accomplished is nothing compared to the task of making Austin see that he is worthy of love.

This is a great m/m romance book i loved the fact that we got both men’s point of view throughout the story it really gives you a insight into both their thoughts.

I loved Austins character right from the start the rough deal he is handed in life, he’s unprepared and scared and you immediately feel for his situation and want to reach out and help him.
David is 35 and seems as though he has got his life in hand, great job, building his own home his life is set, then he meets Austin and finds he wants more from life and Austin in it.
At time the age difference and maturity levels in both men really showed and Austin’s immaturity really grated on my nerves but i guess it served a purpose for the story.

The problems both Austin and David faced were realistic and the characters reactions were true to real life not way out reactions, the fact that both characters found growth and learned how to love was beautiful.
The epilogue is fantastic it really finished the book and story off so well for me, a great read.

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