Lean On Me (Take My Hand Book 3)- Nicola Haken

Rachel Mason oozes confidence. She’s outgoing, adventurous and would chop off her right arm before caring what other people think of her or her disability.
Jared Mattheson on the other hand, is more than a little goofy and a whole lot of carefree. He’s happy living the bachelor life on his father’s credit card, takes nothing seriously and wouldn’t know difficulty if it slapped him in the face.
With Emily and Dexter away in the States, Rachel and Jared are left behind to keep each other company. They share the same sense of fun, their personalities bounce off one another perfectly and perhaps inevitably, they become best friends. But what happens when the lines of friendship start to blur? How will they cope when the sides of themselves they’ve kept hidden from the world for so long begin to show?
Their journey together may have started with fun, games and alcohol – but it seems the future has other ideas.
Turns out, even the strongest of people need someone to lean on sometimes.

Ok so the last book Hold On Tight had me an emotional wreck, so this being Rachel and Jared’s book it was bound to be a little bit more light hearted.
What a great interlude between some heavy topics in the last two book this one is. Lean On Me takes place during the same span of time as Hold My Hand.
Rachel and Jared are quite a pair their teasing banter made me laugh. They have an Unconditional love.
I got to be truthful an say i was surprised by Jared in this book, in previous book he was a total skirt chaser and at one point mocked Rachel in a way to Emily. But the fact that once he got to know Rachel and he wacky personality her saw passed he wheelchair in fact i dont even think he saw it at all after a time.
The flowers and petels he sent to Rachel were just so very sweet.
This story goes past sweet and joking to beautiful with the little surprise the couple have, but Jared has his own secrets, secrets that have had him scared for years and he doesnt know how to cope with it.
That is until Rachel finds out, in her quirky way she helps Jared deal with his problem and fight for what he really wants.
I havent read many books with a character that has a disability but Nicola has written Rachel’s character in such a way that yes she is in a wheelchair but that’s not the biggest issue in the story. Even though someone may have a disability its not the end of the world, they can live and have what anyone else can have in life. You may have to adapt and go about thing in a different way, just dont give up.
Lean On Me was another five star read in this series and i am diving right into the next book Never Let Go cannot wait to see what Nicola throws at the characters next.

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