Wilde Times (Old Town Country Romance #4) – Savannah Young

WILDE TIMES is the fourth and final novel in the spicy contemporary romance series about four sexy brothers, their small-town bar and their local country band. WILDE TIMES can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as part of the SERIES. Due to mature content, WILDE TIMES is recommended for readers aged 18+.

In high school, Jake Wilde was the star football player, who led his team to win the state championship. Now ten years later he’s the manger of his family’s bar, Haymakers, but the residents of rural Old Town still talk about his glory days in high school.

Harley Davis was always the girl-next-door…literally. Her family was neighbors with the Wilde family and the Wilde boys treated her like the little sister they never had. But Harley spent her adolescence dreaming that she’d one day be Jake Wilde’s girl.

She never anticipated that she’d be one of the many girls Jake sleeps with. It breaks Harley’s heart a little bit more every time Jake hooks up with someone other than her, which happens on a regular basis.

How much longer will Harley believe that having even a small piece of Jake is better than having no Jake at all?


Wilde Riders (Cooper’s Story)
The Wilde One (Tucker’s Story)
A Wilde Night (Hunter’s Story)
Wilde Times (Jake’s Story)

This was the perfect ending to this series. I have loved all four books in the Old town series, each brother unique and a total hottie.
We have been teased with Jake and Harley’s story throughout the previous three Old town books, they have always been involved in the stories about the other brothers but in the back ground only giving us little tit bits of the couple. But now we have the whole picture from them.

There were times when i wanted to smack Jake and Harley then there were times they just made me smile with happiness at the outcome of there story.
Jake was so sweet giving Harley her very own song, finally!

Jake and Harley’s story is about two people who learn to let go of their insecurities, fears and there doubts in order to find the courage to open up their hearts to each other and to love.
I love the brotherly bond that these brothers have had through the whole series, they tell each other how it is no sugar coating for the Wilde boys but they are always there for each other.
The epilogue was awesome i loved the four weddings.
Savannah Young’s writing rocks!!!

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