Stepbrother Billionaire- Colleen Masters

I’ve hated him since middle school.

The effortlessly popular, lacrosse superstar, beautiful, blue-eyed nightmare Emerson Sawyer. Funny thing is, he didn’t even know I existed until our senior year, when his mom started hooking up with my dad.

Now he torments me in the hallways, calling me “Sis” whenever he gets the chance, relishing in the fact that I can’t hide my blushing whenever he’s around. Even though I can’t stand him, my body betrays me—and he loves it.

Emerson and his mom just moved in with us, and as if crushing on him wasn’t weird enough, now our bedrooms share a wall.

The sexual tension keeps building between us, but I know nothing can ever happen…especially now that our parents are engaged. I try to tell myself that I hate him, that he’s wrong for me, that we’ll never be together…

So why did I agree to play Seven Minutes in Heaven at his girlfriend’s high school party?

And why does Emerson suddenly have my panties in his hands?

I did like this story but i kind of expected it to be more from the blurb.
The story is split into two halves, the first half being better than the second half in my opinion. The first half is when Emerson and Abby are teens and you get to know them as people, then the second half follows them as adults, which seems very insta love and over very quickly.

This book didnt make me feel anything, i was just reading the words of a good story. I really liked the characters but i need to feel the emotions they are experiencing in a book to get into it, i didnt really get that with this book. I had no character connection at all.

I did feel that the issue that eventually came between them was so totally stupid and hyped up every time it came up in the story just made me so frustrated, i mean it was for a total of one day! and then for the same issue to be what got them fired WTH ridiculous.
With all that being said this book wasnt terrible but it wasnt great either this is a very in between read for me ive read better but ive also read worse too. 3* read at a push, i really did want more from this book.

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