Owning Violet: The Fowler Sisters 1-Monica Murphy

One stolen moment, a kiss, a touch . . . and she’s hooked.
Violet Fowler has moved through life doing what’s expected of her. The dutiful middle daughter, she’s devoted herself to her family’s business empire, Fleur Cosmetics, and the ambitious man who would one day run it with her. That is until the offer of a promotion exposes his disloyalty – and leaves her alone.

But another man is waiting for Violet. Wanting Violet. He has an overwhelming thirst for success. He’s ruthless. And mysterious.

Violet knows nothing about Ryder McKay except the fact that he makes her feel things she’s never experienced before. And soon she’s willing to risk all to be with him – her heart, her soul…her everything.

For more of the fabulous Fowler Sisters look for Stealing Rose and Taming Lily.

Owning Violet is a about an heiress to a cosmetic brand, her family and a sexy, tattooed hero.
Sounds great right? right up my street i thought, boy i was wrong.
Ive read books by this author and loved them but this one not so much.
Violet is the perfect daughter, sister and girlfriend to a complete douche bag, she has no back bone and comes across as a door mat, she take things at face value and questions nothing which grated on my nerves like you wouldnt believe.

Ryder McKay came from nothing, he was picked up off the streets by a woman named Pilar my god shes a conniving manipulative bitch. These two make for the perfect couple, they are jealous and underhand. Pilar and Ryder agree on a scheme to team up to take down Zachary and Violet, Ryder wants what Zachary has, the job and the girl, Pilar wants what Violet has, good standing at Fleur to be on top within the company.
I wasn’t satisfied with this story as i hoped to have been. Thinking about it i feel i wasn’t convinced by the characters or the motive for their behaviors, it was very school play ground stuff. Its all very childish in my opinion and grated on my nerves to be honest. The whole book i likened to eating dry toast palatable but not very enjoyable.

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