Last of the Bad Boys- Nora Flite

All I’ve ever been good at is fighting and f*cking.
Pure violence and wet sex. For years, it’s been my life. If you think I’d get bored, you’d be very wrong. I’ll never get enough.
Nothing can sate the ache that wants to bend any and every woman over, just to see how she tastes. I’m a man who aims to please, but no one holds my attention.
No one but Zoe.
I throb at the very IDEA of her… I want to suffocate with my tongue inside her thighs.
When my phone rang, I didn’t expect her pretty voice to beg me for help.
She thought I’d save her and that’d be it. Well.
Too bad.
I’m hooked on this girl—I want her more than water or air.
I wasn’t her first.
But I planned to be her last.

This a fabulous story that grabs you right from the get go.
Huxton is a dirty talking escort. He is good at two things, fu*king and fighting he brings in the big bucks with his talents. He makes no excuses for what he does for a living he loves what he does. You will fall in love with Huck hes all hard and hot on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

Zoe has a innocent aura around her but Zoe’s not as innocent as she comes across to everyone around her. She has secrets and is in deep trouble with a low life of a man.
Huxton becomes Zoe’s savoir and Zoe creeps under Huck’s skin. She looked past his job and all it entailed and became something that was really meaningful in his life.

This book has some really hot, delicious sex scenes i mean real pantie melting stuff, which i loved. This author has a way with words, her steamy descriptions phewee it rocks, i thought i was going to combust just reading it!.

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