Wicked Game -Sasha White

Family means everything to P.I. Alexis Signorino. After being orphaned at a young age she grew up running rampant between her uncles garage and the biker bar next to it. When bar owner Jimmy D, a man she thinks of as family, is charged with murder there’s nothing that can stop her from running to his rescue.

Going home isn’t easy, but she slides smoothly into the role of cocktail waitress in The Crib, and begins searching for the real murderer. When Devon Kaye strolls into the bar, not only does her libido kick into high gear, so do her instincts. There’s much more to the criminally hot biker than meets the eye. Her gut says the sexy mystery man isn’t the murderer, but he’s definitely hiding something.

The questions are piling up, and Lexy is determined to find the answers even if it means indulging in some sinful acts along the way.


Wicked Game is a short sexy read with a mystery thrown in for good measure.
I liked the characters Lexi is feisty a take n o shit kind of girl who can hold her own, Devon was damn hot and the sex between the two was super steamy. Devon was a nice character and i coulndnt work him out to start with, i didnt know what he was if he was the bad guy, a cop or just a guy passing through. Devon is gorgeous, a little cocky, but he is sweet with Lexi it was nice to read that he was able to soften some of her sharp edges. What i did like the most about this book is that i didnt work it out, i hate it when you have the plot figured out before it happens, not so with this book.
This is a great fast read that keeps you trapped in the story until the last page.

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