Bound Together- Marie Coulson

Layla Jennings is a fiery, independent and level headed nineteen year old. Always playing by the rules and doing what’s right, she has been the apple of her father’s eye and her mother’s treasure. But moving to college in Long Beach is about to turn Layla’s world upside down. With the gorgeous, pierced, guitar playing, wannabe rock star Oliver living across the hall, Layla finds herself thrown into a world of music, money, torn friendships and blood simmering sexual tension.

But on taking a job in a local coffee shop she meets the deliciously handsome Jared Garrett. Convincing herself that he is a waste of oxygen she tries to put the young successful business man out of her mind. But when he continues to show up she finds herself constantly thinking of him. Dazzled by his boyish good looks and discovering a whole new world of carnal and erotic pleasures, Layla finds herself falling head over heels in love. However, Jared is holding a vital secret and she is unsure if she can truly trust him.

I am not sure how I feel about this book. It started off really great and i was excited to read this book. But then there were parts that were just naff.

I really wanted to love it and there were some really great parts that had me speed reading and loving the story so much, but then you hit a part in the story you just read to get it over with. My biggest problem with this book was that it WAY too long, it could have been half the length and been great.
I felt that some scenes dragged on and I could have done without all the constant crying and back and forth with the does she want Ollie or Jared. Good god i think i got whiplash.

I really liked Jared, hes hot, charismatic, romantic, funny, loving. But i did think he was a bit over the top in his possessiveness and generosity, just giving jewelry worth thousands of $ worth of diamonds away within days of meeting Layla, madness.
Ollie was a good character i like his quirky sense of humor hes a cute rocker, he has lots of love to give, but he was very naive in the relationship he had with Layla, i got the feeling he would have done anything and forgiven anything just to be with her, which is ok to a point but he was turning into a door mat towards the end.
Where do i even start with Layla, i liked her at times, she was hard working, cute but she is so immature, unforgiving, and insensitive. She drove me absolutely nuts at times. There was so much crying and wailing with her not wanting to hurt Jared or Ollie i just wanted to shake her and shout ‘make a god damn choice already get it over with’!
I loved from the 60% point to about the 80% of the book and really got into the story then BAM!!! your hit with a bloody cliff hanger from hell and now im left wondering if i will read the next book or not, was the first book that great to make me want to carry on with the story which is so far from over.

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