Conviction- Lesley Jones

She was mine. Our love, unquestioned. Our futures planned. But she didn’t show. All that we had, all that we meant, and after all that was said, she just didn’t show. That one act changed everything, but it especially changed me and from that moment on, there was no going back. No words of love, no whispered promises, just sex and drugs and rock and roll. No one gets a piece of Reed, but what they will get is the night of their life, the chance to let go, break their own rules and enjoy the best, the dirtiest, filthiest sex ever… along with the other four people in my bed.
I thought he loved me, I believed everything he said, every promise that he made but then, when I needed him more than I’d needed anyone in my life, and when I was at my most vulnerable, he let me down. He chose to take a different path and leave me to pick up the pieces of my now broken life. I was changed forever and chose the easy option letting others take charge of my destiny, until, once again, I’m let down in the cruellest of ways.


This is one of those reads that you are still thinking about days after you have finished reading.
Conviction is a second chance romance which normally isnt my thing but WOW this book was so my thing.
This book is raw and painful, it dirty and hot, its Beautiful but will tear your heart wide open, Have you gasping for breath in parts and making it hard to breathe full stop in others.
This book is up there with Carnage.

To start with were lulled into a sweet young love with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks as it were, then fate rocks up like the heartless skank she is, bitch slaps you upside the head and throws two people lives off there planed paths and boom let the heartache begin.

Connor Reeds path takes him to places i never expected, Reed lives his rock star life with endless sex and groupies falling at his feet, along with thier knickers. Its not the best life though, Connor is distant no-one touches him, the women get one night, a chance to break the rules and enjoy the dirtiest, filthiest sex on Reeds command with whomever he chooses.

Then there is Nina who is trapped in a loveless marriage to the biggest prick to walk this earth, i hated this guy on first sight total douche. Her family are no better, self serving idiots. How Nina turned out to be the loving person she was is beyond me with the family she had.
as this story unfolds these two character get that second chance at love and a life with each other that was always on the cards for them, and they find out who and what pushed them onto different paths in the first place.
Lesley jone also throws one cheeky little surprise in this book for us, i will say no more you will have to buy the book to find out what it is.

Conviction is a story which will grab you from the first lines, suck you in and keep you enthralled, fill your insides with heartbreak, betrayal, love and high emotions. Lesley Jones rips you apart then puts you back together piece by piece with her words.

Lesley Jones has a talent at creating a story that is Genius, she is a auto One-Click for me, hell i would read her damn shopping list.

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