Checking him out-Debbie McGowan

Engineer Sol Brooks is a happily married man, so people keep telling him. He and Elise have been in Boston for eight years, he loves her, and she loves him. They’ve got a great apartment that’s kept its value, they’re both up for promotion, and he can hook up with any guy he likes – all the sex he wants, so long as it’s of the “no strings” variety. And that’s all fine and dandy…until a chance meeting at the checkout.


This book is a ok read but it didnt blow me away for the simple reason I didn’t particularly feel the connection between the main characters. Sol and Adam were good guys but they just didnt have the spark you imagine two lovers to have.
There was lots of back and forth arguments that were trivial blown into huge issues. Dont get me started on the wife, now this i didnt get at all, i get the marriage of convenience two gay people marrying to keep up appearances, but what i dont get is why Elise treated Sol like he was this lowlife awful cheater when the divorce was happening, and there she sat with her lover in there old apartment, talk about double standards! Elise was hypocritical and cruel and i just hated her character so much, even right from Sol and Adam’s first meeting in the supermarket she was a grade A bitch.

I found myself frustrated with the fact the author spent such a long time explaining English mannerisms for so many parts of the book, im English and i read lots of books, alot of which a written by American authors who dont feel the need to explain Americanisms in there books so why did we need the explanations for the English.

The last part of the book was all about healing Sol and the reasons behind why he needed healing, i really liked this part of the book and Adam really grew on me too. He was such a rock for Sol he really helped him through some difficult times.
Overall not a bad read.

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