Redeeming Kyle: 69 Bottles #3-Zoey Derrick

Falling in love was the easy part…

For Talon Carver, the commanding and charismatic lead singer of the rock band 69 Bottles, life has never been better—or worse. His heart’s at a full 11 for Addison Beltrand, his feisty PR rep. But admitting it was a much different tune. The dilemma’s even more complicated when adding his other lover to the mix: Kyle Black, the band’s handsome, sweet and sexy manager.

Why ruin a good thing, right? Things are pretty damn perfect for the trio—in and out of bed. But just when they find their best rhythm with each other, a rocky night in Minneapolis forces all three to reexamine their feelings—and take their relationship to new levels.

But can love be enough?

The band’s soaring popularity, along with the pressures of maintaining an unconventional relationship on a high-profile rock tour, start to take their toll. When Addison starts to fall apart, Talon and Kyle must come to terms with how important she is to them both.

Can Addison find the strength to be their glue once more?

What happens when the world goes on…but yours suddenly stops?

When everything looks like it’s going to fall apart? Is love enough to bring Talon, Kyle, and Addison back to each other’s arms…and with it, the magic that true redemption can bring?

This is the final installment of Addison, Kyle & Talon trilogy and what an ending it is, bloody loved it!
This book is intense, emotional, and incredibly erotic, a passion filled love story that had me on the edge of my seat at times, frustrated with a certain character (Kyle), swooning, smiling then crying. And of course Zoey continues to give us panty melting hotness with these three.
The very moment the safe word spills from Kyle’s mouth i knew this was going to be a roller coaster of emotion filled pages, bloody hell Zoey you really know how to mess with a girls insides.
I felt Talon really stepped up to the plate though while Kyle was gone, i feel like Kyle and Talon switched places in this book. Kyle has been the grounded one in the past two books but in this book Talon was the glue that held the threesome together.
All three characters have battled their own demons throughout the three books, they have each brought a strength to another person in there moment of weakness in the threesome and become better people for having done so.
I have loved every intense moment with these three characters and i will probably re read the whole series again and again. I didn’t want this book to end, its just a epic love story that all three share, it makes your heart smile that such a unconventional love can be so beautiful.
An epic five star read.

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