Clash: A Legal Affairs Story: (Book #1 of Cal and Macy’s Story) (Legal Affairs Cal and Macy’s Story)- Sawyer Bennett

Clash (verb): to conflict, disagree.

It might be fair to say that I despise Macy Carrington. She slings insults with precision, not caring about the destruction she leaves in her wake. We clash in a battle of wills every time we’re around each other, and yet… I still fantasize about being lodged deep within her body.

Clash (verb): to come together or collide.

I have never encountered someone that grates me the way Cal Carson does. His pompous, arrogant demeanor. A holier-than-thou attitude. Any interaction with “Saint Cal” ends in a verbal clash of epic proportions, and yet… there’s no one I’d rather have in my bed than him.

Clash (noun): a battle, fight or skirmish.

Her breathy moans mingle with the sound of our flesh coming together, clashing with the silence that surrounds us, dispelling any notions I once had about Macy Carrington.

Maybe I can break down her walls if we can call a truce to this battle.

He whispers filthy words in my ear, provoking feelings I never knew were possible. The burning desire in his touch clashes with everything I once believed about Cal Carson.

Maybe he can be the balm I need to soothe my broken soul, if only temporarily.

This is a novella to start Cal and Macy’s story, and boy what a start it is!
This is a spin off of Ms Bennett’s Legal Affairs series, so if you have read that you will have met the lovely Cal and Macy before.
Sawyer has done it again drawing me into another great plot, this is a novella to get us started on the story and i loved it.
Cal and Macy are total opposites but they work in a strange way, they have a love hate thing going on that you just want more of.
Clash is hot and gritty, man the pantry scene is on fire hot!
I cannot wait to get more into Cal and Macy’s story in the next full length installment of Grind.

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