SEAL’s Promise: Bad Boys of Team 3 (Seal Brotherhood #8) – Sharon Hamilton

This is a stand alone novel and can be read out of sequence. Portions of this book appeared in an anthology. This is the only full-length and expanded/enhanced version, which has not appeared in any other collection.

Special Operator T.J. Talbot had watched from afar as his best friend married the love of his life. Raised in and out of the foster care system and nearly ruining his chance to become a SEAL, he figured his Happily Ever After would never be. But Dr. Death plays a heartbreaking trick on him and he winds up being the man’s father confessor, where he makes a promise to the dying SEAL to look after his friend’s wife and baby.

Back in the states, Shannon Moore is grateful for the baby she is carrying, though she is a constant reminder of the man who no longer lives at her side. She is not ready for the attention from the community she receives, especially from T.J. She’s decided to honor her fallen husband by giving her whole life to the child he left behind.

Recovering from his wounds, Talbot is plagued by the depth of the wounds he still carries inside him, as he tries to perform a mission he wishes he was not given. Rebuffed at every turn, he struggles but understands his promise might not be able to be fulfilled. He does not want to take what was never given to him in the first place.

But what starts out as an improbable love story begins to bloom and grow. When Shannon and the child are endangered, he will not quit fighting for the family he now knows he was meant to love forever.

This book had so much promise i love military romance books, but somewhere along the line this one kind of fell flat for me. There were parts I liked but then parts drove me mad!
True love never dies, or so they say. Unless your husband is a Navy Seal who dies in the line of duty then your over him within the month. Ready to move on and deeply in love with the man you hated who happens to be you dead husbands bets friend saying yes to his marriage proposal, happily calling him Dad to your late husband’s soon to be born child. To top it off two days after the baby was born after a C- section i might add this woman was sat ontop of her new SEAL riding him like a bloody cow girl, i mean WTH!
There were so many things going on in this book, the long lost dad in prison, crazy radical group targeting SEALS on home turf, long lost sisters, and so much more this list goes on and on. It all just seemed like over kill to me, if the book had had the death of the best friend and the frenamies to lovers plot over a period of time not from one page to the next, with a little action of the threats to SEALS this book could have been great. But for me not so much
I could go on but then i would be giving too much of the plot away, more than i already have so i will stop as im finding myself getting angry with this book all over again!.

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