Wild Irish Envy (Copperline #2) – Sibylla Matilde

Denny Byrne is Dublin-born, but found his life and his music in the Rocky Mountains. He arrived in Montana on a student visa where he met the rest of his band, the Bangin’ Mofos… and where he met Felicity Williams.

She was so very tempting, but just young enough to be untouchable. Their brief encounter tortured him for months, only to leave him bereft when a friend swooped in to claim her. But a traitorous envy consumed him. A hunger that never faded. An overwhelming ache that caused Denny to pull away just when his friend needed him the most.

After four years of denial, ‘Fliss’ is once again before him. In a moment of weakness, she relies on him in a way he’s always coveted, but never expected. Hardened by tragedy and wary of his assistance, she forces his hand, causing Denny’s control to slip.

Contrition and conscience have kept them apart for far too long. But when a simple agreement is eclipsed by an undeniable yearning, can he let go of the past and finally seize what has always really been his to take?

I loved Denny and Fliss’s story, it is a sad tale of what the heart wants and doing what you think is right.
Denny has come across as care free, the joker, the Wanker of the Mofo’s group, but as this story unfolds you see that he is so much more he has a big heart of gold. Denny has a sense of honor towards his friend even if it is misplaced which causes both him and Fliss so much heartache.
Wild Irish Envy is full of guilt and chances lost, and the real fight for love, i loved all the immigration interviews, the last one nearly made me cry.

There were times during the push and pull of Denny and Fliss’s relationship that i just wanted to bang there heads together, scream at them to stop pushing the other away and finally realize that they loved one an other, so frustrating. But that’s what makes this a great read, it made me FEEL that frustration, the love shared by this couple the hurt they caused each other.

Let me tell you Sibylla can write some hot dirty sex scenes!. The Dogging, sex against a wall, in the car and so much more this book has them all and there smokin’ hot. Fliss and Denny have some awesome chemistry.
I cannot wait for more book from the Copperline gang im lovin’ these guys.

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