Burn (Brothers of Ink and Steel Book 2)- Allie Juliette Mousseau

Burn – Brothers of Ink and Steel
Liam Knight, a sexy panty-melting, hard-bodied streetfighter and renowned tattoo artist, is rising up the ranks of the UFC Middleweight Division, but
he’s about to get knocked out by his past.
Quinn Kelley is a semester away from becoming a college graduate when her mother’s death sends her spiraling, forcing her to go back to her hometown and
a past she can’t outrun.
Nearly a decade ago, Liam and Quinn fell in love while surviving on the city streets together, but they were torn apart by one irreversible night.
Now each has moved forward without the other, but like a tattoo on the heart, absolute love creates a lasting burn.
Quinn has kept a tight rein on her emotions, but with the passing of her mother, the foundation she’s built begins to crack. Will seeing Liam again crumble her fortress to the ground, uncovering the flame that still burns? Or will it extinguish the fire forever?
Liam’s tough exterior and resentful demeanor hides more than a wounded heart. He’s tormented by guilt over what happened to Quinn—and the secret he kept, even from her. But revealing his secrets would require unearthing the all-consuming monster he keeps caged in the darkest part of his soul, the one that threatens to devour him.
When they’re given a second chance, will they let go of their fear and pride and let the flame between them become one?
Or will the heat burn them both?
Burn is a stand alone, HEA and book two in the gritty, sexy, Brothers of Ink and Steel series. Burn contains mature content intended for readers 18 +

This is one of the most emotional books i have read in a long time, good god the roller coaster you go on throughout this story will rip your heart out, make you smile till you cheek hurt, tear will roll down your face then you will find your self laugh-out-loud. Allie Juliette Mousseau has done such a wonderful job with this series, i thought i loved Dare but this one WOW! Brilliant.

The concept of the Brothers of Ink & Steel is so unique, i have never read a series like this one before. These guys are brothers not in blood, they chose to be brothers and they are amazing. The story of how they came together in North house and how they know each other deep down inside, the experiences they have shared, tattoos that tie them together, traumas they have suffered and come out the other side, these are truly a collection of remarkable men and there stories reflect that.

The journey that Quinn and Liam go on from child hood through to adulthood is traumatic, beautifully heart breaking, they had so much pain growing up but they found so much happiness in each other, they were two halves of one heart. The epilogue rounds this story off to perfection.
Cannot wait to read more about The brother of ink and steel.

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