Just Jelly Beans and Jealousy (The Reed Brothers #2.5) – Tammy Falkner

*** This is a short story. It’s not a full book. It’s only 7000 words, plus samples of the Reed Brothers series. ***

Sean has been in love with Lacey for as long as he can remember, but she has pushed him firmly into the friend zone and plans to keep him there. Or so he thinks.

Lacey did put Sean in the friend zone, but now she’s ready for more. Only he won’t make a move.

Lacey enters a contest in which a kiss from her will be the prize. Can Sean win the contest? Can he win the girl?

This book is short and sweet like a jelly bean and it made me smile. This is a short story about Logan Reed friend Sean.
This was a nice way to pass 20 mins waiting at school to pick up my daughter. It was nice to catch up with Logan and the Reed brothers too.

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