Quarter Mile Hearts (An American Muscle novel) – Jenny Siegel

Following an accident injuring her dad, twenty-four year old Leigh Storm returns home to the town she was once so desperate to escape.

It is only a matter of hours before she runs into Max ‘Manwhore’ Morgan. Dark eyed and dangerous to her heart, he is the very last person she wants to see. It might have been four years since she saw him last, but there’s no denying the chemistry between them is as potent as ever. Max makes it clear he isn’t about to let her run again, even if he is the one thing Leigh vowed to herself she would never date: a street racer.

After racing tore apart her own family and left a path of destruction in its wake, Leigh decided long ago that it is not the life she wants for herself. But when a wager gone wrong threatens her dad’s livelihood, Leigh must go against everything she believes in.

This time there’s more at stake on the quarter mile than just the family business—she’s risking her heart as well.

This book ticked all the boxes for me, hot men, feisty female lead, care races, action making for a captivating read.
I love the back and forth struggle of the fight for Leigh to stay away from Max even though the chemistry between them pulled them together at every turn.
What i totally fell in love with this book was that i was Max pushing for him and Leigh to start a relationship, he is the one convincing Leigh to give them a go, i just found that really sexy.
There are some twist and turns and some hold your breath moments to keep you entertained right until the last page.
Jenny Siegel does not disappoint her writing is brilliant, her characters are well developed and her story lines are believable. This was such a good story with a wonderful happily ever after.

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