Brendon (Alluring Indulgence Book 8) – Nicole Edwards

Brendon Walker’s life was altered drastically when his twin brother fell in love. Coming to grips with his new reality hasn’t been an easy road, and he fears he’s all but given up.

Cheyenne Montgomery is familiar with the spotlight, and she’s familiar with fame. What she isn’t familiar with is the incredible lure of the sexy Walker brother who makes her heart beat wildly. Seeing him spiral out of control has been tough on her. So what will it take for Cheyenne to convince him that change can be a good thing?

Nicole Edwards has done it again, once i started this book i couldn’t put it down. Brendon is hot and sexy and filled with the feels. Such a classy way to end this series although i am kind of sad now i have fallen for each and every Walker brother, but i have to say i am so happy that these beautiful men have had a chance to find their happily ever after.
There were times while i read Braydons story when i thought Brendon was just behaving like a spoiled child, but now after reading Brendon’s story i realise that being a twin and having such a close connection with that other person in all aspects of there lives what a massive adjustment it must have been when Braydon fell in love. Brendon had his reasons for his actions and how he chose to deal with the hard situation he found himself in and all is explained within his book.
Brendon’s story has tugged at my heart and it made me smile. I loved the relationship build with Brendon and Cheyenne. They have such a wonderful chemistry in and out of the bedroom and made for a great couple to read about.
The stalker twist to this story added for a bit of mystery and action with a visit from the Sniper 1 guys adding to the whole plot. It also made me want more from the Sniper 1 guys, i want their book so bad!

The ending of this book really closed this series so very well, the speech Curtis gave about all his boys brought a tear to my eye, it was so very sweet and heart felt.
Five mega stars for this book sad to see its the end.

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