Branded (Tattoos and Leather Book 2) – Jaymie Holland

Drew Holloway sells sex toys and fetish wear for a living. She’s fun, vivacious, confident, and men fall all over themselves to try to get her attention. From her outward appearance, anyone would imagine that Drew’s love life was as hot as the products she sells but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Drew is reserved when it comes to men because she knows better than to get involved with someone who will just cheat on her anyway. Because that’s what men do. They cheat.
Partners in a successful security consulting firm, Colton James and Dane Packard know what they like when they see it. They’ve had their eyes on the provocative Drew for some time now. They’ve even met her on several occasions, but she always manages to stay one step ahead of them. Frustrated with her nonchalant attitude about her own safety, the men have resorted to having her followed at night when she’s walking home to her apartment from her “toy shows”. Dominant men like Colton and Dane are accustomed to people doing as they say both in and out of the bedroom, but Drew is not going to make their job easier.
When the unthinkable happens, Colton and Dane are there to rescue Drew. Time spent being cared for by the men brings her dangerously close to the edge of not only intense attraction but falling in love with them. Fighting them every step of the way, Drew surprisingly finds freedom and ecstasy in their dominance. But dominant men can cheat just the same as any other man. And when she learns what they’ve been doing to keep an eye on her, she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to forgive them.
Dane and Colton must find a way to prove to Drew that she can trust them in all matters and that they belong together.

A very short, sexy book. Colton and Dane are real alpha males who come to Drew’s rescue and i really liked them as characters. Drew must put her fear aside and let Colton and Dane show what its like to be truly adored.
I liked the chemistry between the characters, and i found the plot to be a faster pace than the first book which was much better for me. The sex was off the charts hot.
A good quick read.

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