Marked (Tattoos and Leather Book 3) – Jaymie Holland

Flight attendant Tracie Bell’s career has her always on the go. Too busy flying from one airport to the next, having already learned the hard lesson about not mixing business with pleasure, Tracie is content with her dark dream lover fantasies and memories of submission past. As for the men in her life, well, they might as well get frequent flier miles for as often as they take flight, never seeming to stick around when she really needs them. It’s not that she’s bitter about it, but she knows it’s inevitable that they always take off and leave her.

But Tracie is not just a play-with-anyone kind of woman. She craves submitting to a Dom and being owned and used for pleasure. Approaching the gate for a pickup flight to Hawaii, Tracie finds herself begrudgingly attracted to not only one but two of her first class passengers, Lucas and Kane.

Lucas Connor and Kane Allen hadn’t been sure they were ready to entertain seeing someone again after losing the woman they loved to a violent act more than a year ago. Seeing Tracie’s beautiful features blush with her mutual attraction was all it took for them to open to the idea. She’s intelligent, caring, sweet, and oh-so-submissive. Problem is she’s too skittish to involve herself in any kind of relationship, especially with two men. Even after a night of incredible passion, she runs.

Now Lucas and Kane must show her she’s made her mark on their hearts. Forever and always.

This is the third book in this series but could be read as a stand alone with no problems.
I have loved theses short smutty reads, the characters have just the right amount of depth and background to carry off the hot sex and make it for a pleasurable read.
Tracie has been burned by one man after another her whole life and has no intention of getting her heart broken again. What she didnt count on was falling into two men Literally! who would make her feel agian.
Lucas and Kane haven’t wanted to find anyone since they lost a woman who the have been grieving over for two years. However fate had other ideas when one quick encounter with Tracie has them both feeling sparks they didnt think they would feel again.
Kane and Lucas are hot Dom’s and sexy as hell, and Tracie’s character is good and they make for one hell of a hot trio.
Overall a good sexy read

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