The Marine in Unit A (The Mockingbird Place) – Kris Cook

The man who has been more of a dad to me than my biological father is dead.
He rescued me from the streets six years ago—a runaway teenage boy, escaping a family who thought I was an abomination.
Now what do I do? I have no one.
My life might look great from the outside. I’m in college. I have my own apartment. I have lots of friends.
But I’m dying on the inside.
I feel so alone. Lost. Hopeless.
I’m not the kind of person to wallow in self-pity. I need a distraction.
The guy moving into Unit A may be just what I need to take my mind off of losing my dad.


21-year old Oliver Lancaster is attracted to 22-year old Adam Stockton, the former-Marine moving into Unit A. But attraction for the closeted man morphs quickly into something deeper, something meaningful, something that terrifies Oliver. What will happen if Adam learns about the secret from his past?

I liked this book i thought the story line was ok, but there wasnt much to get your teeth into.
The characters were nice, good guys and i liked Adams journey, but i felt like i couldnt really connect with them.
Im not sure how to explain it, i think this book was one of those that is good but you stay on the surface of the story, i didnt feel drawn into it. Which is not a bad thing if you want a quick easy light read but if you looking for characters and a plot that pulls you into the story and steals your life whist reading this one isnt it.
The conflicts in the book are not really emotion evoking, i was missing any of the feels from it.
I did however like the camaraderie between all the tenants of Mockingbird place they are like a big family and take care of each other.
3.5 star read.

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