Xavier: Men of Steel (A Men of Steel Book 4) – M.J. Fields

Twenty -three-year- old Xavier Steel is his own man, despite what his brothers and Momma Joe think. He turns away from the family business and heads to New Jersey to start a production company. Xavier plans to follow his true life’s passion and make a living playing and creating music.

Taelyn Patrick takes a grueling job in order to make extra money to help her fiancé Daniel through medical school. Besides, how hard can it be to help a spoiled rich kid throw his money down the drain?

But Xavier isn’t your typical spoiled rich kid. He shreds cash as quickly as he runs through women. And, despite everything, there is an attraction neither Taelyn nor Xavier can deny. Can Daniel curb his sexual appetite and focus on making his company a success while Taelyn pads her bank account and secretly reports back to his mother on his activities, or will they both find something in each other that they can no longer fight?

OMG i have run out of Steel brothers!!!
This book was so very hot and i wanted more, Xavier has such a cocky sexy attitude and i adored the way he tackled life, he wanted to make his own way without relying on the Steel money. Taelyn has been treated like a ATM and door mat by her douche of a boyfriend who i couldnt stand one bit. But her and Xavier made such a great pair.

I found the way in which Xavier and Taelyn went into they relationship was refreshing, they didnt give it any labels just kept at it as long as the whole thing was making them happy.
Xavier was hot as with his piercings and tattoos and the sex scenes was off the charts. All in all this book was bloody brilliant leaving me wanting more of the hotness that is the Steel men.

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