Coming Home Texas – Laura Harner

You know what they say—you can’t go home again—and Brandon Masters doesn’t want to. But when he gets a call that his father is down hard with a broken leg, he puts his thriving real estate business, his fiancé, and his life on hold and returns to his small town roots in Goldview, Texas, temporarily picking up the reins of the world he left behind. A dozen years gone should be long enough to erase the pain and humiliation he suffered when the town’s bad boy broke his naive teenaged heart.

Twelve years ago, Joe Martinez was left standing in the dust, his heart in his hand and his future on the line when the blond-haired, blue-eyed boy from the right side of the tracks left town without a backward glance. Or so he thought. Since then, he’s rebuilt himself from the boots up, to earn the respect of the community his father shamed.

When the now-Sheriff Martinez discovers Brandon has returned long enough to help his father recover, he realizes he’s been handed the perfect opportunity to get the answers he needs to move on—and maybe seek a little payback for pain and suffering. But businessman-Brandon has learned a thing or two about protecting his heart—and breaking down those walls may not be as easy as it appears. Irresistible force—meet immovable object.

This is a 3.5 star second chance love story. But i felt the book kind of fell a bit short for me, the story line was dated which put me off a little, i also found the story line very predictable. Thank goodness the author threw in some twist and turns to give the book a boost to keep the reader interested.
I found myself liking Joe more than Brandon, i felt that Brandon was very childish at times, also i found the reason that Brandon left 12 years ago was very immature. There were times that i just wanted to slap both Joe and Brandon upside the head and tell them to get over it.
Coming home Texas is a story about youthful mistakes, forgiveness, learning to trust and falling in love all over again, to overcome that teenage first love hurt.

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