Stronger With Her (Strength Series Book 2) – J.A. Hensley

Stephanie’s life has been on auto pilot for years. Growing up a child prodigy with a troubled family does that to a woman. Her job as a computer tech just reinforces her invisibility. She wants to be seen, to be noticed, and her solution is working part-time as a dancer. What she wants more than anything else, is to be known.

James suffered a tragic loss four years ago and has since kept his focus on work. He’s built Owens Ammunition from the ground up to be a very successful company. When his buddy makes him attend a birthday party, he’s forced to go outside his comfort zone. That’s when he sees her on stage and his world shifts on its axis.

One night, one dance, one fateful meeting that changes two lives forever. Will he find that he’s stronger with her?

This is the first book that i have read of J.A Hensley and i found the start to be slow but as the story got going i couldnt stop reading.
This book tells the story of Stephanie and James who is called Runt by his brothers, which i found funny. Both of these characters have dealt with major trauma in their lives, and damn that prologue gutted me, it really touched me.
Both Stephanie and James find out that the missing pieces in their live could be found in each other. As i read further into this book i found i was so invested in this couples happiness and couldnt wait to get to the end to make sure they got it with each other.
Overall this is a good read and i did enjoy it.

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