Promises: Part I (Bounty Hunters Book 1) – A.E. Via

Duke Morgan owns and operates one of the largest bail bond companies in Atlanta. Not only does he bond criminals out of jail, he and his notorious group of bounty hunters will also track them down and ensure they show up for court.

Roman ‘Quick’ Webb is Duke’s business partner and best friend. Both men are in their forties and have given up on the happily ever after with the ranch-style home, and white picket fence. They’d both tried it and failed miserably. But they have their friendship and they have the business.

When Quick’s son, Vaughan Webb returns – after seven years – from studying abroad with his law degree in hand, he’s back to claim what he’s always wanted…his fathers’ best friend… Duke Morgan. Vaughan has always claimed to be a classic gentleman with an old soul. He didn’t party and screw up in school like his buddies. He was focused and dedicated to becoming the man worthy of Duke’s love.
It’s a complex and messy situation as Duke and Quick figure out how to still be best friends when one of them is sleeping with his friend’s one and only son. But when Duke is hurt on the job, all the unimportant trivialities fall to the wayside and Vaughan and Quick put their heads together to save Duke.

Part I of the Promises story is about Duke and Vaughan. Part II will be about Quick and his realization that it’s not too late for any of them to find love.

I liked this book as a whole and found it a easy read, the plot was good and kept me entertained throughout. I did have a tear filled moment whilst reading, my emotions were running high at some points. I love a book that can evoke emotions so that out this one onto a winner for me.
I found myself liking both Duke and Vaughan, what i did find got on my nerves just a small amount was that Duke went from muscled up bounty hunter to simpering submissive in the bedroom, i have no issue with Duke having a submissive side it was just a niggle for me on how it was written.
I really liked Quick’s acceptance of his son’s feelings for his long time best friend, that could have been a obvious spanner in the works the story could have taken but the author didnt take the easy road with that one.
Vaughan has such a selfless love for Duke when he does what he does to save him.
I found the little snippets of the up coming story with Quick and Dr Chauncey intriguing making me want to read there story pretty soon.

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