Defy (Brothers of Ink and Steel Book 3) – Allie Juliette Mousseau

Ryder Axton

I fight hard, fuck harder, and never let myself get personally involved.
But my assignment to apprehend Eduardo Miguel comes to a grinding halt when I find a missing federal witness held captive in his basement. Yeah, it becomes fucking
personal, fast!

Keeping Farrington safe, even if it–or more likely she–kills me, is now my only mission.
Earning her trust becomes more than a way to save both our lives, it’s like an addictive drug.

I know I can protect her. I know I could pleasure her in one explosive night she’d always remember and I’d never forget.

What I don’t know is how I could be falling so fucking hard. There’s no way in hell I can let that happen; getting too close to me comes with an ominous curse that won’t be defied.
I thought I had nothing to lose. I was wrong.

Rachel Farrington

I should’ve never taken that dangerous shortcut through the unlit alley to the frat party.
It was where I saw a fellow student brutally murdered and how I made my way onto a cartel leader’s hit list. As a federal witness, I thought I was safe in the protective custody of the FBI . . . that is until I woke up chained in the monster’s basement.

When a powerful and lethal soldier claiming to be a bounty hunter shows up, I’m not sure if he’s rescuing me or dragging me towards a greater hell.
But after a series of experiences that defy death, the overwhelmingly sexy, dirty-minded, Navy Seal trained and hot blooded bounty hunter–who obviously plays by his own rules–just might win my trust.

He is not an ordinary man. He’s strong, dark and deadly; his past is mysterious and his motives unreadable.

He seems to be made of the stuff of myth and legend, and of ink and steel.

Is Ryder Axton for real? Or is he employed by my captor for a more sinister purpose?
When death comes, can we Defy it… again?


I found this instalment of the series to be a much different layout from the others, previous stories have been a hero and heroine combined with the brothers of ink and steel, this is nearly Ryder and Rachel for the whole book.

Ryder is a wonderful collection of action hero, sexiness and nice guy making for a hot character overall. Rachel’s character is great she is a tough cookie, her first interaction with Ryder was fantastic she really showed she wasnt going to be a victim.

Defy is a tense full on storyline which is cram packed with murder, drugs, kidnapping, gangs and romance to make you heart smile by the end.

This book is fast paced and at times keeps you on the edge of you seat.
If i did have any issue at all with this book, is the lack of connection build up for Ryder and Rachel, dont get me wrong these two are great together, but the bit i felt was missing compared to the other books in this series is the build up and interaction between not only Rider and Rachel but the other brothers of ink and steel i missed them in this story. Maybe im just being greedy by wanting all the guys in the brotherhood to be in a book!

I adore Allie’s writing it draws you in completely, and she is such a lovely person my husband had the chance to interview her for his Podcast Authors of Passion on Itunes she was so much fun.

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