War Torn (The War Trilogy #2) -Andria Large

My life has been completely turned around with the help of my boyfriend and best friend, Tucker.

My depression is under control.

I’m not having nightmares or flashbacks anymore.

My sister is having a baby.

Life with Tucker is great…

Or is it? Everything seems to be going so well, almost too well.

You know how people say that the best things in life are worth fighting for? Well, I believe that with my whole heart. But how do you fight for something when it gets ripped away from you? Just…torn right out of your hands, leaving you with nothing. You would think that losing my wife was the worst thing that could happen to me.

God damn cliff hangers Andria Large your killing me here!
At war i felt was Dennis’ story, War torn i feel is Tuckers story and im not sure how im going to review this book without giving too much of anything away so it could be short.
This was another outstanding story about Tucker and Dennis who are navigating through the uncharted waters of this new relationship.
I love this emotion filled journey that i have jumped upon with these loving men, working through there struggles. War torn is amazing, emotional and heartbreaking story that has you drawn into these mens lives from the very start.
I like Duke’s POV too within this story he is a great secondary character.
The ending of this book left me feeling like i had a hole in my chest, it ripped my heart out and i was at a loss needing the next book so badly.

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